The best lemon properties as both a weight loss and skin care.

Cure hangover Including mixing with water as a mouthwash Read on for the benefits of lemons that you may not have known about.

Lemon juice contains malic acid. Ascorbic acid Or vitamin C and citric acid, which these three acids have many benefits for the body such as dry mouth, skin nourishment, excretion of excess calcium from the arteries, pancreas and kidneys.

Lemons have many medicinal properties such as relieving headache, dizziness, fever, fatigue. Itching of the skin Itching from dandruff and scalp fungus, ringworm, beriberi, heat in 

Lemon has properties to help detoxify and reduce blood fat. Thus helping to regulate triglyceride levels to be normal and helps to have more healthy fats in the body. Therefore there are people who use lemons to lose weight as well.

In addition to properties and benefits in the drug Lemon can also wash away dirt and black marks. Reduces fishy smell Prevent from moths up Helps the omelet to rise Prevent poisonous insects and reptiles

There is also a false belief. On the many uses of lemons Therefore, study carefully before using. And eat a variety of foods in moderation to stay healthy (See health check-up packages here ) 

Lemon originated in Southeast Asia. With its distinctive flavor that is avant-garde, it is popular for flavoring dishes such as tom yum salad as well as beverages such as lemonade, butterfly pea lemonade

In addition to the outstanding taste Lemons can also be used in every part. Whether it is a root, leaf, flower, seed or bark due to different parts They also have many medicinal properties and can be used to clean furniture and stains.

Lemon juice ingredients

Malic acid to relieve dry mouth, reduce acne and improve skin smoothness.

Ascorbic acid , better known as vitamin C,helps prevent scurvy, nourishes the skin, bones, teeth and blood vessels and has antioxidant activity. Help slow down the degeneration of cells in the body.

Citric acid helps break down kidney stones. And excreted excess calcium from arteries, pancreas and kidneys, as well as eliminating toxins and fat Stimulate the secretion of natural enzymes Helps to excrete Make your skin glow and bright And does not feel sluggish and swollen

Medicinal properties of lemon

Lemons are rich in flavonoids that help reduce inflammation and regulate blood pressure. It also helps to inhibit the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. Therefore can help inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells in the early stages 

Lemons are also known for their many health benefits.  

Help relieve headache, dizziness and hangover with lemon juice.

Help relieve fever Just take the lemon leaves and cut into pieces. Then brewed in boiling water Drink as tea

Use it as a mouthwash. By mixing water with 3-4 drops of lemon juice or using shredded lemon leaves to brew and gargle to help kill germs in the oral cavity.

Help relieve fatigue and fatigue by drinking lemon juice mixed with sugar.

Helps relieve itching of the skin. By applying lemon juice to the affected area

Solve beriberi in thirst by drinking lemon juice.

Solve problems , eczema , ringworm , scabies,disease, skin conditions. How to lower the sulfur thoroughly mixed with lemon juice. And applied to the affected skin after showering

Cure various types of abscesses And reduce abscess pain Use fresh lemon root to drizzle with liquor and apply. Or scrape the lime skin mixed with red lime to cover the area of ​​the abscess.

Helps relieve itching from dandruff and fungus on the scalp. Using lemon juice massage all over the head. Then wash your hair

Reduce inflammation Pain and swelling from falls and bruises  by mixing lemon juice and sphincter together. Then apply the bruised area 1-2 times a day

Top benefits of lemon.

Help you lose weight

With the benefit of detoxification and reducing blood fat, it helps to regulate the triglyceride levels to be normal. And helps to have more good fats in the body as well People who want to control weight can eat lemon for weight loss with the following recipes.


Prepare the juice of 1 lemon with 1 cup warm water and a teaspoon of salt.  

Add salt to the tip of a spoon. To mix with lemon juice, then wait for it to drink and then slowly sip in warm water. 

At the beginning when you are unable to drink fresh, use about half a glass of water at normal temperature. Mix with juice of 1 lemon and add salt at the tip of the spoon. And drop about 2-3 drops of honey to drink this recipe for 2 consecutive weeks and then spaced every other week.


Prepare the juice of 2 lemons and 600 ml of water (1 small bottle of water).

Mix lemon juice and normal temperature water together. Then add a teaspoon of salt. And may be followed by about half a teaspoon of honey. (In cases that are not used to) can carry to drink at work all day long.


Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and half a glass of normal temperature water.

Mix lemon juice and water together. Drinking about 10 minutes before meals will help you eat less.

Bedtime meal

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and half a glass of normal temperature water.

Mix lemon juice with plain water together and drink 10 minutes before bedtime as the last step of the day in degreasing.

Maintenance and treatment of skin problems.

Lemon helps fight free radicals that cause inflammation, thus helping to heal inflammatory acne well. Lemons are also rich in vitamin C, making the skin smooth. Smoother 

Let’s see how there is a skin care routine with this plant.

Acne treatment,  freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 hybrid with egg white. Homogeneous Apply the mask and leave it for about 30 minutes, then gently rinse with cleansing foam. Or regular soap

Facial skin:  1 fresh lemon juice mixed with turmeric powder. Add a little water and fresh milk. And stir well Apply to the face mask and leave it for about 30 minutes, then rinse, you will feel immediately that. Smooth and soft skin This formula can also be used for body masking.

Body scrub  , mix lemon juice with salt and fresh milk or yogurt, followed by olive oil. And applied to the skin Will help make the skin more radiant and smoother.

Nourish hair, reduce dandruff  , mix lemon juice with water, stir well, then apply it on the scalp to the ends of the hair and massage gently.Leave it on for 2 hours before rinsing it off. This will help clear the dandruff stuck on the scalp. And also helps nourish the hair to become softer and smoother in the body.

Enhance dental health

Lemon has properties to help remove stains on teeth such as cigarette, tea and coffee stains that cause teeth to turn yellow. Or can darken 

A hassle-free solution, just use baking soda mixed with lemon juice until a foamy effect Then use a cotton swab dipped in and then wipe the teeth. Leave it for no more than 1 minute because citric acid is corrosive. Which can thin the teeth Finished, rinse your mouth and scrub it with toothpaste.

Lemon and Household Secret

  • Lemon juice helps cleanse the sticky rubber. From bananas that can track knives and cutting boards 
  • Put the lime in the rice bucket. Help prevent rice moth
  • Just add 3-4 drops of lemon to the egg before frying. Will make the eggs look fuller and more appetizing
  • Mixing 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice in rice water will make the cooked rice look white and fluffier.
  • Clear the black spots on the nails from picking vegetables. By using lemon juice to scrub hands
  • Connect bananas to be more appetizing. By squeezing the lemon into half. Will make the banana skin look clear and appetizing
  • Helps reduce the fishy smell of fish in the food menu. And keeping the fish in shape and not messy when fried in the pan.

Other benefits of lemons

  • Protects against snakes and reptiles By placing the lemon peel near the bed, these animals will not disturb.
  • If the fishbone is on the neck, take the juice of 1 lemon, add a little salt and sugar. Then swallowed to meet the area around the neck. Hold it for a few minutes and then gently swallow, it may help the tailbone to soften and slip into the stomach. 
  • Solve ingrown toenails,  cracked heels, and legs.
  • Remove ink smudges Or burn marks from ironing on clothes.

Side effect of using lemons

Despite the many benefits. But using the wrong method may lead to more harm than benefit. In particular, the belief in information about the use of various diseases, even though there is no evidence to support 

Wrong belief Regarding the use of lemon juice that should not be followed very seriously. 

There are different types of snake venom. And affect different systems in the body But no snake venom escapes into the stomach Eating lemon juice can not help cure snake venom.

Use eye drops for treatment  In addition to not helping to improve symptoms. It can also damage the cornea and risk blindness.

It is used to prevent tetanus  when the nail is pounded or cut by sharp objects. Should immediately wash the wound with soap and clean water. To prevent tetanus infection Do not use lemon juice on the wound because it does not help sterilize. And if the lemon juice gets dirty, it may increase the risk of infection.

Apply to burns, scalds, burns. Due to its acidic action, it can erode the wound and cause stinging and burning. 

In addition, applying lemon juice directly to the skin may make it easier for people with sensitive skin. Causes irritation, redness, and a subsequent rash Therefore, if you try to follow the lemon skin care recipes, they should be used carefully. When allergic reactions occur Or very irritating Should be washed immediately.

From the past to the present Has invented and adapted various herbs Used to improve physical health Which lemon is another plant that has been used in a variety of fields. So it can be said that Lemons have you enormous If used properly and properly.

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