The 8 most expensive restaurants in the world

Today we want to invite everyone to be amazed. Let’s go with the story of restaurant prices from around the world. Known as recounted to the top in one of the world’s

renowned “Restaurant” Everyone understood that. Food prices must be high. According to the quality of the ingredients, but actually the value of each dish served Very expensive Maybe there are many details, such as rare materials? Unforgettable food taste? Luxurious atmosphere decoration? Or a service that creates an experience like never had anywhere else? Today we will bring you all to know the splendid beauty, both the appearance and the taste of food. From locations around the world, from Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée, which is decorated with tens of thousands of crystals hanging from the ceiling, to Paco Roncero, the high-tech eatery. With the dazzling lights in Spain, let’s see how these 8 picks we recommend. Where is it?

Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, 
approximate cost per dish: 390 Swiss francs (approx. 12,800 baht) 
Location: Crissier, Switzerland. 

The lowest priced food on the menu available at 11:00 am is 390 Swiss Francs and other food prices. But higher If you order additional wine to your meal With a wide selection of wines, up to 40 pages, the pioneer has received three Michelin stars: late Chef Benoît and his wife. But now the chef Who is the head chef here Still able to maintain the reputation and standard of the shop With excellent food like Fresh scallops from the Celtic Sea Alpine goat meat And terbots Ready to serve on the menu as well.

Ithaa Undersea
Restaurant , Price per course: 320 – 435 USD (or approximately 10,400-14,500 baht) 
Location: Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives 

Ithaa is the world’s first fully glass-enclosed underwater restaurant. 5 meters deep below sea level You will be filled with the view under the sea and fill your stomach with delicious food. With a panoramic view that can be seen around. You will dine while enjoying the natural marine life all around. Without you having to wet a single drop of water The food here is contemporary European style. Divided into four courses for lunch And six things for dinner Prices range from 195-320 US dollars, not including drinks.

approximate price per person meal: € 1,500 (approx. 55,800 baht) 
Location: Ibiza, Spain

Yes, you read it right, a 12-seat restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel charges € 1,500 per person for a course meal. 20 kinds of restaurants. Only open during the summer of Ibiza Island (1 June to 30 September each year), it offers a sensory and entertaining dining experience. From the laser light show Various virtual reality images That flashed in the room Think about the edible pass. A wide variety of seafood dishes are cooked in shells and homemade salads, which can be picked up from the table by themselves.

approximate price per person meal: 380 € (14,000 baht) and 595 – 809 US dollars (19,500 – 26,500 baht) 
Location: New York, USA 

With main menu. Priced at US $ 595, or 19,500 baht per person, excluding beverages and tax, the Masa restaurant is often referred to as the most expensive restaurant in the US. And with only 26 seats, reservations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance, Masa Takayama is said to prepare the menu himself. Which contains both fresh fish And Kobe beef ordered directly from Japan.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, 
Price per set: € 110 – 155 (approx. 4,100- 5,700 baht) and € 380 (approx. 14,000 baht)
Location: Paris, France

The young chef of France has renovated his restaurant at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in 2014 and the result is grand yet sensual. This makes the restaurant Alain Ducasse worth recommending as one of the most luxurious restaurants in Paris. The ceiling of the dining room is decorated with 10,000 crystals and silverware to look like dropping from the ceiling. This 1970s work by Roger Tallon is reimagined here. Main course meals here range from € 110 to € 155 (approx. 4,100- 5,700 THB), while a set of cheeses and desserts are € 380 (or € 14,000) without drinks.

Per Se
approximate price per set: $ 325 – $ 442 ($ 10,600-13,800) 
Location: New York, USA 

Thomas Keller’s Per Se restaurant has detailed and decorated ideas from The French Laundry Restaurant, Blue Door. Decorated at the main entrance of the shop, a replica of the doorway of The French Laundry in the dining room was so peaceful. The 19 tables in the restaurant are positioned overlooking Columbus. Circle and Central Park clearly There are two experimental menus available every day: a set menu consisting of nine dishes from the chef. And a set menu of nine vegetables Both courses are priced at the same price of 325 US dollars (or approximately 10,600 baht).

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, 
Price per set: 54,000 yen (or about 15,600 baht) 
Location: Kyoto, Japan 

Let’s finish it off as well. A 3-star Michelin restaurant, Kitcho Arashiyama Honten. Is a master of the Kaiseki style deck. (Japanese food arranged neatly Seasonal cooked) Chef Kunioto Kuoka is the head chef. Who inherited the business since the grandfather’s generation The restaurant’s interior is decorated in a very solemn style tea ceremony room. Covered with tatami mats and arranged into a Japanese low table. Guests can sit, dine and admire the beautiful garden outside. Each dish served is made from the finest seasonal ingredients. Which is a unique feature of the Kaiseki deck.

How are you doing for the 8 restaurants that we have chosen this time? Is there any store that meets your eyes? And put a flag on it that you have to try to gift for yourself or not but believe that choosing a restaurant for each of your meals. May not be chosen from will be high food prices Or is it just low? If you have a regular restaurant that you have been there for many times, you will be impressed every time that one might be a restaurant. Luxury in your heart, is it true! .