What are the health benefits of seafood?

Believe that many people would like  seafood very much, right? Because it is food that has a certain price If people who are not allergic to seafood, the more they like it. And beneficial to the body If it comes to the benefits, we just have to see how it is good for health.

The benefits of seafood

Seafood if eaten in moderation It will be very beneficial to the body ever. Which are the benefits? Let’s see.

Oyster benefits

When we talk about the benefits of oysters You men It often focuses on the benefits of helping strengthen the fitness of men. Although the above benefits are true But oysters also contain important nutrients that are useful for health in other parts as well, because there are many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, zinc (Zinc) and omega 3, etc., which substances. These foods are responsible for reducing blood fat levels. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps prevent osteoporosis due to the high content of calcium and vitamin D.


Many squid suspect that Eating food made with squid Will not really be fat? The answer is that squid is another type of seafood that contains cholesterol. Even though squid is actually high in cholesterol But also contains very good fats In particular, omega-3 fats that help control cholesterol levels are also very high in collagen , helping your skin look radiant and younger.


Does shrimp really have high cholesterol? which shrimp is considered to be the most popular seafood food ever? Plus also comes in handy And from the suspicion that Are shrimp really high in cholesterol? The answer is very high cholesterol. But the cholesterol that has this type of HDL or good fat is enough. Which is very beneficial for the body In addition, shrimp are a good source of protein. And also gives very low carolli energy.

Fish helps brain development

Fish is a popular food among health lovers. In particular, marine fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are good fats that are beneficial to people of all sexes and ages. Contributes to brain cells Helps develop children’s brains It also contributes to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia in older people, improving blood flow and helping to lower blood cholesterol.

Precautions for eating from the sea

In bringing seafood to eat We know the benefits that Most of them are foods that contain a lot of calcium and collagen nutrients,  but when choosing to buy Should be fresh food In addition, you should be careful in consumption as follows.

Before buying, be sure to look at the water that has soaked seafood well. Whether clean enough or not Or may have a formalin infusion Try to smell it. If you smell the pungent smell like medicine instead of the usual fishy smell. Absolutely do not choose to buy Because formalin is fatal.

Before cooking seafood Should be washed with plenty of water thoroughly and cut through thoroughly. Soak in water for a while. Then rinse with clean water again. It will help reduce contamination in seafood.

You should be very careful about germs in food from the sea. Especially in summer Because bacteria and viruses thrive in the hot and humid climate of Thailand. 

If seafood is not cooked immediately They should be kept below 5 ° C to inhibit the growth of microbes that cause spoilage of food.