Type of ‘salt’

About ‘salt’ that is not only white But in this world there are many different kinds of salt. Suitable for cooking And some salts are suitable for beauty use.

But … Have you ever seen or tasted strange salt? That is not white salt or not?

Get to know different colors of salt How useful and individual features are Ready, come and watch.

1. white salt

Let’s start with the white salt that we are familiar with. Considered as a household ingredient in every home Use it to add a salty flavor to your dish. Most of the time, we use two types of white salt in our cooking: rock salt and sea salt.

For rock salt Will be salt in the basement, without iodine, use boiling method to get brine When it is boiled, it will crystallize into white flakes. This is a very fine powdered rock salt that can be cooked without grinding or blending. Not very salty.

The sea salt. As salt on the soil surface Made from sea water Contains iodine naturally It uses the heat from the sunlight to crystallize the salt. The grain of salt will be very large. There is a sharp salty. More salty than rock salt.

2. Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt or Himalayan pink salt It is the purest salt in the world. Produced from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan’s Himalayas. The color of the salt ranges from white-pink, light pink, dark pink, rich in 84 natural minerals.

Most of the time, this salt is used for cosmetic purposes such as spa salt, but pink salt can actually be used in all kinds of cooking. This will make the food taste more mellow and also help absorb unpleasant odors such as fishy smells.

3.Hawaiian red salt

Red hawaiian salt Also called ‘Allah salt’ is a natural sea salt. Not through industrial processes Crystallized salt tablets mixed with allah volcanic soil. Which contains high iron Thus making the salt a reddish or reddish brown color.

Alla salt is very pure salt. It takes centuries to crystallize. It is also a staple in traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Help add mellow flavor Popularly cooked in pork and seafood dishes.

4. Gray salt

This salt, known as sel gris (French for “table salt”), is a salt from the Celtic Sea. In france Was collected from the bottom of a tidal pool off the coast of France Natural sunlight Causing salt crystals to form in the area Rich in minerals It is a rough and humid salt. The salt crystals are gray in color and give a sour taste. This type of salt is suitable for cooking in fish dishes and seafood. And used for various salted meats to add fragrance. 

5. Brown salt

This salt has a brown color and a smoky smell. The smell and taste of salt will depend on the time and wood used in the smoke. Which may be different for each model Popular woods for smoked include coconut shell, apple wood, oak, pine, which is slowly smoked in the fireplace for 2 weeks.

Smoked salt is the perfect salt for adding flavorful meats and vegetables, such as potatoes.

6. Hawaiian black salt

This type of black salt, also known as black lava salt, is a salt produced from Hawaii’s volcanic islands. The salt crystals are unique in that the salt crystals absorb the black color from the addition of activated carbon on the volcano. Black Hawaiian salt has fine salt crystals. And has a crispy touch This salt is ideal for cooking pork and seafood dishes.

7.Nepal black salt

The name ‘Kala namak’ (black salt) was discovered in Nepal. It is a Himalayan salt containing charcoal that is obtained from the seeds and bark of Nepalese herbs. Through the process of burning herbs into the furnace Fumigate salt flakes 24 hours a day, then allow the salt to cool. And stored in a clean container Will have a dark red, almost black color And all the way to black .

This salt is spicy, salty, and has a scent of eggs. It is often used in vegetarian diets. Or a group who eats vegan who doesn’t eat eggs To flavor the eggs in the dish.  

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August 30, 2020