“luxury pound bread” that is popular among Japanese people.

Do you know that during this time Japanese people are eating Luxury bread Also known as koukyu shokupan (高級 食 パ ン) , it is a bit more expensive than the traditional pound bread sold at the local store. But both the flavor and the bread are completely different. This time we will take you to know the shops that sell bread like this.

Luxury loaf

First of all, let’s know that The luxury bread How is it different from normal pound bread?

The luxury loaf, or koukyu shokupan (高級 食 パ ン), is also known as nama shokupan (生 食 パ ン), or fresh bread , each with different ingredients. But most will not use eggs as an ingredient. So that the bread is fresh and soft For the luxury loaf, the flavor and texture are different from the normal pound bread. With both the softness of the bread that will soften to the edge And has a greater aroma Most of the shops that sell this type of bread are stores that focus on selling only pound bread. Which today I will introduce 3 shops together.

First shop: Nogami

The first shop I would like to recommend is Nogami (乃 が 美), a shop that is now very popular. Received many awards And has also released various TV programs. The highlight of this shop is that it uses only fresh milk flour and soybean ingredients only. Makes bread soft texture Even the edges are soft as well. The way to eat. The restaurant recommends eating either. Without having to be grilled

The price for one line is 432 yen (including tax), two rows for 864 yen (including tax), can be purchased at many branches. Be it in Tokyo Azabujuban Branch Or even Osaka where the store was born And there are also many other branches in Kanto and Kansai. But this restaurant is very popular There is a chance that if it is late, you will not be able to buy it.


Second shop: Kangaeta hito ga sugoi wa

This long-named shop When interpreting the name of the store, it will be estimated that “People who think this is the best” is another popular shop as well. For this shop, they will focus on ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, butter and specially selected milk. And of course, the way to eat that the restaurant recommends is You can eat both without broiling or doing anything at all, as for the preservation, cut into desired size pieces. Then wrap the wrap and put in the freezer. Enough to eat and warm again

The shop offers two types of bread, the normal one and the raisin version, and the price is 864 yen (tax included), and has a branch at Kiyose (you have to take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Kiyose station). With Yokohama Kikuna branch only

Shop 3: Azuki

Let’s come to the last shop that we will introduce. This shop also has a unique selection of ingredients as well. Whether it is wheat flour, yoghurt cheese. Mascapone And specially for this shop, they will add special red beans as well. As for the food method of this restaurant, we suggest that the first day you buy it, you can eat either without doing anything. On the second day, take it toasted on a low heat. If it is left Cut into pieces as needed and wrap them in the freezer then warm to eat.

This shop also has two bread options: SHIRO (plain) and AZUKI (red bean), priced at 1.5 rows 850 yen (tax included). This shop has only one branch. Which is located at Futako Tamagawa Station

How are you doing? You know the luxury bread or fresh bread better, right? As someone who used to buy bread from the first store (Nogami), I want to say that it is really different from the normal bread that I have ever eaten. Usually we are people who don’t like fringe but still eat. The taste of the bread itself gave a different taste. There is no need to grill. Or even use it to spread jam, spread butter, or anything at all, just like that Is the most delicious.

Anyone who likes to eat bread is the original capital. I would suggest you try to buy and eat once and will be fascinated in addition to buying it for yourself. It’s good to buy it as a souvenir. Whoever comes to Japan, let’s go look and buy. 

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September 1, 2020