Benefits of fruits and vegetables 5 colors

Have you ever wondered how? Why nutritionists all over the world speak in the same color. If you want to have good health You should eat fruits and vegetables to complete all 5 colors. How is eating fruits and vegetables in 5 colors? Today we have the answer for you.

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are beneficial. Rich in minerals And many vitamins Which in addition to the minerals mentioned Fruits and vegetables are also classified as foods that contain nutrients in the group. 

High phytonutrient Which phytonutrient Or called in Thai style, flora chemicals are nutrients that the body cannot create. Must be obtained from plants only As a substance that helps fight free radicals Help slow down the deterioration Stimulate the immune system And helps prevent many infections and diseases

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From many research studies found that each color of fruits and vegetables.

 There are different quantities and types of useful phytonutrients. Therefore, to receive complete and varied nutrients It is recommended to eat colorful fruits and vegetables in the amount of 400-500 grams per day.

According to a statistical survey in Thailand, 80% of Thais eat only 276 grams of fruits and vegetables per person per day. And with the weather And preservation after harvest This causes the nutrient content of more than 20% of fruits and vegetables to be lost, which is one of the reasons why Thais are increasingly suffering from various diseases.

Benefits of fruits and vegetables 5 colors

When it comes to the colors of fruits and vegetables Those colors are naturally occurring colors. It is the pigment that plants create. According to each style and type of fruits and vegetables Which colors indicate different nutrients It is divided into 5 colors, 5 large groups, which are

Green fruits and vegetables

The green color in fruits and vegetables comes from the pigment of a substance called chlorophyll, which ranges from very dark green, including kale, some types of algae, gourd, green leafy vegetables. And common greens such as green apples, guava and lettuce

The green vegetables that contain chlorophyll (Chlorophyll) are full of antioxidants. Help in the fight against cancer Make your skin glow and bright. Helps inhibit aging. In addition, eating green leafy vegetables on a regular basis can help excretion Reduce constipation Because these vegetables are high in fiber, they contribute to weight loss. Due to low power

Red fruits and vegetables

The red substance in fruits and vegetables that is red is Lycopene (Cycopene) and Betacycin are antioxidants It is important to help prevent cancer from various organs in the body. But most notably, it reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. Followed by lung cancer. And stomach cancer

It also has benefits for skin. Reduce acne breakouts and fade scars as well. Fruits and vegetables that fall in the red category are tomatoes, strawberries, beetroot, cherries, watermelon, pink grapefruit, pink guava, and red ginger.

Fruits and vegetables, yellow and orange

Light green and yellow vegetables and fruits contain a lot of lutein, which has a direct benefit to the eyes. Help prevent and slow down retinal deterioration in adults. And contribute to the development Vision in young children, too

For vegetables and fruits that are orange. 

Will contain beta carotene (Betacarotene) that helps reduce cholesterol levels, fat in the arteries. Keeps skin bright. Maintains skin moisture Reduce the degeneration of cells in the body Help promote and build immunity

Which fruits and vegetables that are in the yellow and orange group are oranges, carrots, papaya, lemons, pineapples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, jackfruit, passion fruit and corn.

Fruits and vegetables that are purple and bluish-purple.

These exotic colors come from anthocyanin. (Anthocyanin), which has properties that help destroy substances that cause cancer. Stimulates the activity of various cells Slow down the decline Reduce the incidence of heart disease Helps inhibit E. coli that cause food poisoning. It also helps to maintain shiny hair as well.

This purple is found in purple eggplants, blackberries, blueberries, pea flowers, purple cabbage, purple sweet potatoes and shallots.

Fruits and vegetables that are white to light brown.

Are fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients called Xanthone (Xanthone), which is a substance in the flavonoid group. Help reduce inflammation Help maintain blood sugar levels There are also other substances that contain synaptic acid (Synaptic acid) and Allicin (Allicin). These substances have antioxidant activity. Reduces blood fats It can help prevent blood pressure disease and coronary heart disease.

Vegetables and fruits that are white to light brown are ginger, galangal, garlic, chives, celery, mushrooms, millet, radish, soybeans, cauliflower, bean sprouts, and white sesame.

When you know the benefits of all 5 colors of vegetables. try to turn to observe the colors that come with benefits. And should turn to eating more vegetables and fruits by eating average and spreading them to every group and every color Alternately In addition to the benefits of nutrients Fruits and vegetables can also be a great help in losing weight. And must not forget about Cleaning vegetables and fruits as well to prevent any toxic residues that are hidden in vegetables and fruits.