How to organize a buffet while controlling weight

Heavy buffet meals, prohibited items of diet and weight management. But if you want to eat with your family or friends, you can eat it, but have to be smart about choosing and planning.


The buffet style is very popular. Because the price can be controlled Have eaten a variety of foods And can eat until you are full But the pitfalls of buffet meals are that we eat too much and we can get too much energy. Accidentally, one meal may be able to get the same amount of energy your body needs throughout the day.

For those who control their weight, buffet is prohibited. Because it is rich in energy and a lot of fat But on the other hand, sometimes we need to spend time with friends and family. 

There may be fun, merry meals and meal times together. And it may end with the majority of the votes coming to the buffet restaurant, just as eating one heavy meal doesn’t make you fat. Just one day of exercise doesn’t make it any slimmer.

 It all comes down to changing habits and lifestyles. As for the buffet, don’t worry about falling Did you know that even during weight loss, we can eat buffet. You only need to learn and plan to choose the right food and control the amount.

Choose healthy food and weight management.

Choosing what buffet to eat It is often the first step in which everyone has to argue to choose a restaurant for the group of people to eat together, all ok with the choice. And of course, if you don’t want to get fat Will have to look at whether the buffet restaurants that we will choose to eat are good for health or not Choose from a variety of restaurants that can opt for health-friendly food. And does not cause weight gain Which the friendly food here means Healthy food low in fat Avoid dishes that are cooked in a stir-fried or fried method.

I started the buffet, starting with the salad.

If going to a restaurant that has a salad menu, we recommend ordering it every time. Or scoop salad to eat as the first menu Because dietary fiber helps to feel full quickly And do not want to eat foods that are very fatty Try picking up a variety of fruits and vegetables and mix them together in a salad plate. To get the most benefit More importantly, choose a salad dressing that is olive oil. Or canola oil It allows the body to benefit from the nutrients that are eaten to the full. Because it contains vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble vitamins. As for anyone who is worried that it is oil, do not worry. Because these oils provide good fats for the body. And who thinks the taste is too bland, can add a little vinegar to enhance the flavor as well?

Choose lean meats or low-fat meats.

Among the buffet meals, there is always a wide variety of meat to choose from. But the best option for weight loss is Lean meats such as fish and chicken, because these meats do not contain fat Or it may contain a lower amount of fat than choosing to eat pork or beef.

Scoop the food to fit

Although we can scoop the food as needed in the buffet restaurant. But we must not forget that our bodies may not need that much food. The key is Scoop the right amount of food Don’t scoop too much for fear of running out. Or scoop for a friend Because many people enjoy scooping food Until unaware that in the end, when the food is left Had to be forced to eat all because of fear of being fined Of course, the result will be a fuller diet with weight gain. So keep in mind that Scoop, but in just the right amount If not enough, he can get up and take another lap.

The size of the plate affects the mind.

One study found that eating on a smaller plate helps us eat less food than a large plate. Another is When the dish is small, you have to get up and scoop food more often so that you can walk and burn. – Choose to eat a variety In the selection of food You should not choose to eat only your favorite type. Because a variety of foods will help the body not get the same nutrients that are repeated too much. Which is the cause of obesity and other diseases that follow later

Beware of hidden fat

The hidden fat is the milk butter in the salad dressing. And as an ingredient in foods such as garlic bread, stir-fried mushrooms, and butter, because when we do not notice, they will eat in large quantities. Resulting in increased fat deposits in the body Therefore, if possible, order a meal that does not contain butter, milk and margarine, or if that is unavoidable, eat as little as possible.

Don’t neglect the drink selection.

Choosing a drink to accompany the buffet is also important. Choose drinks that are low in calories, such as water, juice, tea, low calorie soft drinks. Instead of drinking alcohol And ordinary soft drinks Because it is high in calories

Stop eating before you are full.

When he felt he was full To stop eating But instead to drink water Because our stomach takes up to 15 minutes to send a signal to tell the brain that it is full, so if we stop before we feel full. Will make us full, not too packed later Or may eat fruit instead

The disadvantage of heavy handling (Eat too much)

Eating too much makes it a whole lot of the intestines and digestive systems. Which is the result of a heavy setting, especially at the buffet For people who like to eat until full and cupped until the throat Eat to excess May cause the following diseases

“Hungry quickly.” People who eat a lot are likely to get hungry quickly and become very hungry the next meal. Because the stomach and intestines have to work hard to digest large meals. Resulting in a rapid drop in blood sugar Cause sugar fall Hunger faster and more hungry Eating a lot can also strain the intestines and digestive tract. The internal organs are like engines that, when used heavily, they deteriorate. Which food eaten a lot can cause the intestines to leak Due to the non-resting compression It also causes food  “acid reflux” to  ask for, too.

In addition to eating very full It also causes “insomnia” symptoms  because the intestines have to work hard and uninterrupted. For obesity, not to mention The more heavy meals you eat like at a buffet, the harder it is to cut back on excess calories.

Because eating a lot of heavy meals makes the body stressful. The liver releases hormones to help the body store more fat. Thus resulting in rapid weight gain Eating a lot can also lead to irritability, choleric, as the body chemistry changes every time food enters your mouth. “Emotional chemistry” can easily cause mood swings.

Finally, the brain is stubborn. People who eat very full tend to have symptoms of “stubborn brain, not moving head”, dazed and blurred due to the blood being transported to the intestines much to aid in digestion. And caused by the reduced secretion of growth hormones, making them drowsy and not bright.

So from the penalty of eating too much Therefore must try to eat enough Or try to stop eating when you feel the full 70-80% or stop eating before you feel full. Because the brain will send a signal of satiety to the brain after eating it for 20-30 minutes. Don’t eat the buffet too often Do not rush to eat large quantities. Do not worry that you will not be worth eating. But it is better to be concerned with your body shape and physical health. 

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October 30, 2020