8 cool ways to reduce hunger

The not-so-secret tip that helps the atmosphere go hungry As I said we should not starve. Instead, you should really manage your hunger and adjust yourself to the right amount of food. But if you still don’t know how to do it, check out these tips.

To lose weight You have to have a way to deal with hunger.

Eating fiber

There is a lot of evidence that fiber can help reduce hunger. Fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich cereals are low in calories. With a lot of water in food This will help you full.

Clear soup to suppress hunger

Eating clear soup will help you consume fewer calories in total. But Bee recommends not to use thick soup. Try to cook this low-calorie and high-fiber soup as well.

Vegetable salad before meals

There is a study in people who eat 3 cups of salad (calories do not exceed 100 kcal) before eating It helps to consume 12% fewer calories and when eating one and a half cup of green salad will help you consume 7% less calories. Salads such as carrots, tomatoes, coriander, cucumber, cabbage (recommended not to use high-calorie seasonings), be careful with the dressing.

Oranges reduce hunger

I have research. That the fruit has a lot of soluble fiber and low calories that help you feel full quickly.

Drink low-fat milk

There are two types of protein in milk: Whey and Casein . Whey protein will help suppress hunger. But bees recommend choosing low-fat milk. Like skim milk Or skimmed milk.

Eat less fat

But not cut off When we eat fat There will be a hormone called leptin. Which is an advantage that eating fat helps us to be full But that does not mean that we can eat a lot of fat. We recommend choosing unsaturated fat and fish fat. Unsaturated fats and fish fats help us get fuller than saturated animal fats.

Soy is useful

Soy provides both protein, fat and carbohydrates. This will help us understand the truth. Soy milk is a good snack in order to help keep us full as well.

Chew slowly

To eat You must allow at least 20 minutes for signal travel, and Hormones go to the brain so you will feel “full” if you eat too fast. Until the signal reaches the brain Until feeling full You have already eaten 3 dishes !! Therefore, chew slowly. It will help you feel full while eating .